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Coil Spreading Machine

  • SKZX Full Servo CNC Coil Spreading Machine
SKZX Full Servo CNC Coil Spreading Machine

SKZX Full Servo CNC Coil Spreading Machine

  • Model: SKZX Full Servo
  • SKZX 400x100
  • SKZX 250x90
  • SKZX 180x70

SKZX Full Servo CNC Coil Spreading Machine

SKZX□□□×□□□Full servo CNC Spreading Machines are the third generation of coil spreading machines newly developed by our company. They are with higher precision, faster speed, better coil forming and more convenience comparing to our second generation spreading machines. A number of independently-developed proprietary technologies of our company have been used. Control of parameters such as the coil length, end height, coil span and angle are controlled accurately by servo motor. This machine has been granted a Certificate of Utility Model Patent by the State Intellectual Property Office. Blanks in the types represent the shuttle length and the coil span.

The machine mainly consists of stationary body, moving body, guide rail, hydraulic station, digital control & detection system and 4 spreading arms.

To start operation, place the coil onto the machine, press START, the coil will be straightened and centered quickly. Next, the manipulators on 4 spreading arms grasp respectively the straight edge part of the coil; during spreading, 4 spreading arms go outwards and the end nose go up and inwards, the manipulators rotate and finish the movement to form the coil to the right span, length, end height and angle.

After the forming movement, the add-on lower arc push up unit moves upwards and inwards to form coil arc.

Upon completion of coil spreading, the manipulators get released, unload the coilreset the machine and proceed with the next coil.



Paras. (before spreading)

model: SKZX250*90 as example

coil total length L1 range


coil bobbin distance L2 range


coil nose inner circle radius/mm


coil section width A range /mm


coil section height B range /mm




Paras.(after spreading)

model: SKZX250*90 as example

3D coil straight line length L3 range


3D coil total length L4 range


3D coil total width(span)W range


3D coil nose up H range


3D coil nose deflection angle θ1 range


angelθ2 range between 3D coil upper edge and center line


angelθ3 range between 3D coil lower edge and center line


3D coil nose to straight end length range


3D coil nose R range /mm


3D coil end arc radius R3/mm


3D coil straight edge and bevel arc radius R4/mm


3D bevel slot coil angle range


3D coil up&down layer straight edge unequal length range/mm


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