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Customer service

After-sale service warranty within and after guarantee period

1. Basic requirements of our after-sale service

1) If any quality problems such as design, manufacture, function or procedure occur within the guarantee period except for customer's personal error, SEMC shall take full responsibility and bear all the economic losses incurred.

2) If any quality problems except for customer's personal error occurs within the guarantee period, SEMC shall provide on-site service.

3) If any big quality problems except for customer's personal error occurs out of the guarantee period, SEMC will send maintenance.

4) SEMC will provide a lifetime favorable price to the buyer with the materials and spare parts used in system operation, equipment maintenance.

The above mentioned are only basic after-sale service requirements, we will make more promises related to quality assurance and operation guarantee mechanism.


2. After-sale service commitment

1) Provide necessary operation and safety training by our professional technician for overseas customers before delivery or on customer's site.

2) Quality and service commitment :

2.1  After-sale service department.

2..2 Payment of maintenance expense: 

All the maintenance expense within the guarantee period except for customer's personal error shall be borne by SEMC.

2.3 After-sale service measures within the guarantee period:

The after-sale service work is an important part of our marketing and sales work. The quality of service provided will closely relate to the safely running of the equipments, SEMC will strictly observe relevant national regulations about product-quality law and provide high quality products with the principle of hospitable reception, enthusiastic service, quick response and prompt resolution. We will conscientiously implement the after-sale service work in full-scale, and make commitment to our clients as follows:

Select and appoint engineering technicians and workers who are professionally competent and personally committed to undertake the after-sale service work, meanwhile set up the service office made up of chief engineer office, project office, technical center, after-sale service department and workshop specialists led and coordinated by marketing and sales department.