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Coil Spreading Machine

  • SKZX 4-arm Full Servo CNC Coil Spreading Machine
SKZX 4-arm Full Servo CNC Coil Spreading Machine

SKZX 4-arm Full Servo CNC Coil Spreading Machine

  • Model: SKZX 4-arm Full Servo CNC Coil Spreading Machine
  • SKZX 180*70
  • SKZX 250*90
  • SKZX 350*100

SKZX 4-arm Full Servo CNC Coil Spreading Machine


SKZX□□ X□□ is a new generation of CNC coil spreading machine developed by our company. Multi-point servo control is adopted to replace the expansion arm structure of the original model, which has more powerful functions, more reliable performance and more convenient operation.

The main features are as follows:

● four servo motor and oil cylinders are used to control the opening distance and angle of the straight edge: the operating height is reduced to about 1.1 meters, making it very convenient to put and take coils. It is not necessary to process the coil with larger radius by adjusting the offset clamp.The maximum angle between the two straight lines is 150°

● a new type of straight line edge clamp with bevel edge righting mechanism: the clamping section can reach 30X80mm, and the clamping force can increase by 25%.

● servo mechanism is used to control the axial movement of the top arc seat: an arc block with side shoulder can effectively eliminate the varus at the end of the two-pole coil. Four top-arc mechanisms can be independently controlled, with higher strength and life, and more convenient operation.

● the use of servo mechanism to control the position of the nose: ensure that the height, length and angle of the nose are completely controlled.

● open nose clip mechanism: the corner position of the nose is shorter, the coil is more convenient to put and take, the nose pin is easy to make and replace, eliminating the scratch and burr of the nose pin and arc clip.

● split bed, one end fixed, the other end can be set to adjust the position; Suitable for different linear edge length requirements, simple structure.

● more standard mechanism design: silk cylinder, sliding track, belt wheel lubrication, protection measures perfect, parts with enough strength, rigidity and wear resistance, beautiful appearance, strong integrity.

● more powerful functional design: in addition to conventional coil, can also process large radius track coil, chute coil, front and back different linear side length of the coil, two different end coil. There is no limit to the radius of the upper and lower lines. Accessories can be added to prevent double row winding coil nose dislocation. Can be equipped with different specifications of nose pin, nose corner arc, straight edge and end bevel corner arc and other spare parts, easy to replace, strong interchangeability.

● human-machine interface configuration parameter state diagram, interface more intuitive, friendly, program more reasonable .

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