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Coil Winding Machine

  • SKRX-20/-30 CNC Winding Machine
SKRX-20/-30 CNC Winding Machine

SKRX-20/-30 CNC Winding Machine

  • Model: SKRX-20/30
  • coil total length(max.): 2200/3200mm
  • coil shuttle bobbins distance: 300~3000mm
  • full automatic looping process

SKRX-20/-30 CNC Winding Machine


Main Functions

SKRX serious winding machine is suitable to wind shuttle coils with flat electromagnetic wires. Equipped with several pay-off racks, it is suitable for either looping of single-wire or simultaneous looping of several wires.

Use of digital control allows all parameters to be displayed, modified and stored through the touch screen. Stepless shifting is adopted, variable speed range: 5-25r/min, looping direction selectable.

Winding is torque to controlled. It uses wire spool diameter measurement and magnetic brake technology to meet the requirements of constant tension winding.

This machine uses a composite or metal wheels for wire guidance, to ensure that no damage to the conductor insulation.

Automatic wire feed, automatic clamp, loop with set turns, automatic cut-off and automatic tooling retraction etc., to ensure full automatic of the looping process.

With functions of manual, automatic, pause, emergency stop etc.

Trapezoidal or shuttle-type coil (large-diameter or small-diameter) looping can be achieved by replacing the looping mold set.


Remark: The diagram is one of  produced coil type suitable for this machine.  If you can provide above value range( A, B, L1, L2, R ),  it's better for our understanding your demand. 



Model: SKRX20  /  SKRX30

单根导线宽度single wire width


单根导线厚度single wire depth


SKRX20线圈总长度范围coil total length L1 range

400~2200 mm  

SKRX30线圈总长度范围 coil total length L1 range

400~3200 mm  

SKRX20线圈梭心距coil bobbin distance L2




线圈截面宽度coil section width A


线圈截面coil section height B


引线长度范围coil lead length range

50-500 mm

梭芯直径coil bobbin diameter

依客户要求upon customer request

放线盘数量pay-off reel qty.

按客户要求upon customer request

并列根数paralleling wire number


距离地面中心高度height above ground center

1250 mm

绕线后尺寸精度size accuracy after winding

±0.2mmbefore moulding未下模具之前)

主轴转速main shaft rotating speedstepless speed change无级变速)


主轴最大载荷main shaft max. load


转数计数容量revolution counting capacity


放线架(单线棍)阻尼力矩(双阻尼)pay-off rack (single wire rod) damping torque (double damping)


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