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  • SKDG-500 Hooping Machine
SKDG-500 Hooping Machine

SKDG-500 Hooping Machine

  • Model: SKDG-500
  • Max. workpiece length: 5000mm
  • Max. workpiece diameter: ∮1800mm
  • Max. workpiece weight: 12T


Application and features

This machine applies for motor non-latitude banding It consists of the rotation device, band delivery device, worktable, base, AC variable frequency drive systems and human-machine interface.

 With 3-axis digital control, tension of the band reel can be set and maintained constant in the hooping process.

 The machine spindle rotates according to the rotor size, shape and instructions, to tape at different speed. The overlap rate can be set at 0-75%.

 The machine has automatic taping, fault alarm, automatic stop functions.

 The machine has automatic and manual operation, and a multi-point security devices, can effectively prevent the equipment and personal injury.

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