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Coil Taping Machine

  • SKBD-120/-200 CNC Taping Machine
SKBD-120/-200 CNC Taping Machine

SKBD-120/-200 CNC Taping Machine

  • Model: SKBD-120/200
  • Max distance between the two nose points: 1200/2000mm
  • Overlap length: 1~25mm
  • Insulating tape width:18~25mm


Features of the Machine

Full numerical control is used in the SKBD-120 and SKBD-200 CNC taping machines. They are mainly used for taping of stator coils of medium and small size motors. To perform automatic coil taping, you just need to put the spread coil on the pneumatic retainers, which are already adjusted to an appropriate position, wrap the insulation tape several turns on the coil and press the start button. After taping one side, it can automatically turn the coil over and start to tape the other side. The taping head of the machine can perform taping at different angle and different speed according to coil size, shape and command. Taping tension can be adjusted by setting on the touch screen. The machine can function either automatically or manually; for large coils, it also has an anti-shock function for grasping manipulators as well as multi-point safety protection arrangement.

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