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Coil Taping Machine

  • JQRBD-250A Robot Taping Machine
JQRBD-250A Robot Taping Machine

JQRBD-250A Robot Taping Machine

  • Model: JQRBD-250A
  • Distance between the 2 nose points length(Max): 2500mm
  • Width between straight edges(Max): 1000mm
  • Max weight: 6000kg

JQRBD-250A Robot Taping Machine

This machine uses robot from COMAU, and is suitable for coils or wire bars insulate taping. The machine uses fully digital 7-shaft control and can wrap both stator and rotor coils. With either manual or automatic function, and is also equipped with an anti-shock function for manipulator’s grasp and a multipoint safeguard arrangement.

To tape a new type of coil, install the spread coil horizontally on the pre-adjusted supporting mechanisms, and adjust the coil tentatively by manipulating the robot manually. The machine will memorize the wrapping track automatically.

Replace the tentative adjusting head with the taping head, mount the reel, set overlap rate, tension and the like, press the start button, the machine will run automatically.

The machine can operate either with a single reel or dual reels and can tape at different angles and different speed according to coil size, shape and instructions. The wrapping tension and overlap rate can be set via the touch screen at your discretion. The machine has inspection function for tape reel diameter and tape break protection function. Both of the two reel tapes can swing automatically according to preset angles.

The machine exhibits elegant outline, with a friendly man-machine dialog interface, and functions are completely displayed on the touch screen. The machine can be installed directly on the flat floor of a normal workshop with headroom of more than 4 m and can operate properly just with the base of bench guide rail fixed by expansion bolts. 

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